Welcome to oooscript’s documentation!


Python is such a zen language. Writing LibreOffice scripts in python however can be a bit more challenging.

It is a complex task to get a multi file project, especially a project that has a directory structure, to work as a script in LibreOffice. If you project has external dependencies then this task becomes even more challenging.

This is where oooscript comes in. oooscript makes it possible to compile scripts into one single python script and have that script automatically embed into a LibreOffice document.

Sometimes you may need to use other dependencies in you project such as ooouno and ooo-dev-tools.

oooscript can include any dependencies into its single output python file. The nice thing is oooscript only include that actual imports used from a dependency and not necessarily the entire dependency.

See also Guide on embedding python macros in a LibreOffice Document.